Cold Smoke Generator
Wood Pellet Saw Dust Chips Burning With Ice Water Cooler

Inventor's Contact E-mail: Tel No£º(86)13901185127 (China)

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3 in 1 Cold Smoke Generator, BBQ Smoker Starter/Accelerator, BBQ Thermostat or Temperature Controller
is made from Stainless Steel pipes and can burn wood chips, pellet, branches, and SAW DUST
Cold Smoke Generator Principle:Inner perforated tube is pass of fressh air. Fuel is lighted on top by a few pieces of hot red charcoal. Air is blown from lower air intake. Fan speed can be tuned stepless by tuning AC/DC adapter.
Charcoal Starter/Accelerator: Universal Fan Adapter, AC/DC adapter, Adjustable Speed 10 CFM fan can light a charcoal smoker and bring to target temperature much faster. Starter/Accelerator is sold on eBay at $29 plus air mail $10
By adding a mechanical thermostat, the Starter/Accelator can be used as a temperature controller too. This mechanical thermostat temperature controller is sold on eBay at $39, plus air mail $10
3 in 1 Cold Smoker Size 3.5" inches in diameter, and length 12" inches. price $99, air mail $30, total $129

Cold Smoke Generator
Stainless Steel 3.5" X 12"
Price $99
air mail $30

Cold Smoker II

Cold Smoker III

universal fan adapter
Shutter inside

for UDS
$29+ $10 air mail

Starter/Accelerator for
Offset, Weber Series
$29+ $10 air mail

Starter/Accerator for
BGE,Kettle, Ceramic pits
$29+ $10 air mail

BBQ Temp. Controller
adding Mechanical
$39+ $10 air mail

Power Bank

You can use a powerbank
to drive the blower
Input 5V 2A, by standard
charger of mobile phone
output 5 to 13 VAC.
You need to buy 4 pieces
rechargeable Li-ion battery
It can aslo be used as
power for mobile phone

You can change output voltage
in turn change speed of fan
Can drive 10 CFM blower
at full speed for 6 hours

Price $25
Air mail $5

one input port
3 output ports

battery is not included
battery is not allowed to
mail aborad from China
please buy battery locally
Li-ion rechargeable 18650

standard mobile phone
charger @$5