Cold Smoke Generator
Wood Pellet Saw Dust Chips Burning With Ice Water Cooler

Inventor's Contact E-mail: Tel No£º(86)13901185127 (China)

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3 in 1 Cold Smoke Generator, BBQ Smoker Starter/Accelerator, BBQ Thermostat or Temperature Controller
is made from Stainless Steel pipes and can burn wood chips, pellet, branches, and SAW DUST
Cold Smoke Generator Principle:Inner perforated tube is pass of fressh air. Fuel is lighted on top by a few pieces of hot red charcoal. Air is blown from lower air intake. Fan speed can be tuned stepless by tuning AC/DC adapter.
Charcoal Starter/Accelerator: Universal Fan Adapter, AC/DC adapter, Adjustable Speed 10 CFM fan can light a charcoal smoker and bring to target temperature much faster. Starter/Accelerator is sold on eBay at $29 plus air mail $10
By adding a mechanical thermostat, the Starter/Accelator can be used as a temperature controller too. This mechanical thermostat temperature controller is sold on eBay at $39, plus air mail $10
3 in 1 Cold Smoker Size 3.5" inches in diameter, and length 12" inches. price $99, air mail $30, total $129

Cold Smoke Generator
Stainless Steel 3.5" X 12"
Price $99
air mail $30

Cold Smoker II

Cold Smoker III

universal fan adapter
Shutter inside

for UDS
$29+ $10 air mail

Starter/Accelerator for
Offset, Weber Series
$29+ $10 air mail

Starter/Accerator for
BGE,Kettle, Ceramic pits
$29+ $10 air mail

BBQ Temp. Controller
adding Mechanical
$39+ $10 air mail