Dual Probe, Programmable 4 Temp.Stages, PID Temperature Controller For Charcoal Burning BBQ GRILL SMOKER PIT

Inventor's Contact E-mail: sale@allchinas.com Tel No£º(86)13901185127 (China)

This is temperature controller for most Wood,Pellet, Charcoal buring BBQ grill smoker pit. It is fully digital, it has programmable 4 different temperature stages. Its output is P.I.D. control of voltage instead of simply turning on or off the blower. This way the blower speed is tuned stepless, and temperature fluctuation can be as low as 1 F. There is a mounting flange on the blower or the rain proof stainless steel box. You need only to drill 4 bolting holes on your pit to use this smarter temperature controller. It has models of wireless remote controlled and WIFI connection to Internet.

Click  GOLDEN-LION,  click "property", Highligh Internet (TCP/IP), click "property",
Then you have two options, one is AUTO IP, the other  is using following IP.  click Using following IP and Input
Fixed IP address:192.168.1..16
subnet mask
Gateway Address:
DNS address:
and click save(s) to close the window(s)

How WIFI model LION works, please check following pictures.

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