Gravity Fed or Hopper Feed Multi-Fuel Wood Pellet, Charcoal

Stove, Boiler, Furnace, Fireplace, Burner, BBQ, GRILL, SMOKER, PIZZA OVEN

Inventor's Contact E-mail: Tel No£º(86)13901185127 (China)

Vertical or Cabinet Smoker Mini, made from single wall of stainless steel, gauge 12. Grill size 13.4"X10"X 3 pieces. Effective grilling height 12". Weight 80 BLS. P.I.D. thermostat for precise temperature control. Ex-works US$400.
SAL mail cost door to door is US$150.
Videos tell everything emplicitly:#8:Mini-Smoker,Grilling at 130C, Look the temperature fluctuation . #9:Mini-Smoker,Grilling at 150C, Look the temperature fluctuation . #10: First bird by mini-smoker. 130C for 40 minutes, then 150C for 15 minutes, and finally 170C for 5 minutes. a little bit over heated. #11: How P.I.D thermostat works. #12:Flame To Searing Rib. .#13:Maximun Temp up to 350C .#13:Minimum Temp. at 60C,70C,80 C PART I. #14:Minimum Temp. at 60C,70C,80 C PART II . Smoking Picnic pork at 60C for 3 hours and then 70 C for 7 hours.PART I. PART II smoking at 60C. PART III How temperature is controlled. PART IV temperature rises from 60C to 70C.

front view

Water Pan Above Fire

Three Grills

side view


water pan under fire